What features to use to build a messaging mobile app from zero

messaging mobile app
How many people use chat apps regularly in 2020 and what will be the growth in 2022?
How many people use chat apps regularly in 2020 and what will be the growth in 2022?

Key features of messaging mobile app

Here we list those messaging app functions that the app cannot exist without.

User Authorization

Clearly, app users should have the possibility to create a personal account. A wise idea is to implement user sign up option in one-click via social media (e.g Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Contact Importing

For enhanced user experience, your messaging app should access the existing user contacts and get them imported to the messaging app automatically. A strategic step is to highlight for end-users what their contacts already use this messenger.

Messaging Functionality

This is the cornerstone functionality of any messaging app. This feature should have a simple, clear, and intuitive experience.

General information flow in messaging application
General information flow in a messaging application
Client-to-client model of the messaging app
Client-to-client model of the messaging app

Photo & File Sharing

These days, users need to have the possibility to exchange files, videos, photos, and other content. Therefore, make sure that your messaging app supports different app attachments.

Location Tracking

In many apps, users can share their location with others like parking spots, offices, restaurants, etc. This feature is developed by utilizing packages of CLLocationManager Class on iOS and Android.location.


This is an important element in any messaging app development. This is the function that allows the user to check whether someone sends a message or not. Developers use Google Cloud Messaging and Apple Push Notifications to implement this functionality.


If you plan to build a messenger that is available on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Web) and suitable for a range of devices, make sure that the user has identical experience and interface.

  • what features are must-have in messaging software these days
  • advance functionality that will help you to stand out
  • tech stack to use and technologies applied in the market leaders (WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype)
  • building the revenue stream in a messenger
  • challenges during messaging app development



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