Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

6 min readNov 23, 2021
Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

The market is in demand for programmers due to recent reliance on mobile applications, the introduction of apps for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning. and the Internet of Things. According to Statista, there will be 7.49 mobile app users by 2025. Evidently, the market is growing, opening new jobs for app developers.

If you are a dreamer like me, you must have thought about 6-figure cash in your bank account. If this is so, the world of app development is for you. But where to start? What are the top programming languages and which one to learn first?

Right now, I suggest that you grab your coffee, sit comfortably and read this article. We will talk about the top 5 programming languages that are must-to-learn. It won’t take you more than 5 minutes (4.32 minutes to be exact) but it may help you in your search for a better career.


Python is the most popular programming language for web-based startups. Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, Dropbox, Uber, and Reddit are all built with Python. If you want to focus on web-based applications, Python should be on top of the list.

Python lacks built-in mobile development capabilities. Instead, different frameworks and libraries enable Python-based development for mobile apps, including packages like Kivy, PyQT, or Beeware’s Toga library.

One characteristic of this programming language is that it is widely used in data science. Today, most companies are using Python for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This language has a high-level neural network library, a library for data mining, data analysis, and machine learning, etc. You can find some libraries here.

Even with very basic knowledge, a programmer can handle Python for AI and ML applications. In addition, developers need to spend less time on writing and debugging code in Python as compared to C, C++, or Java.

Why should I learn Python?

  • the fastest-growing programming language
  • high market demand
  • easy to learn
  • a great supportive community
  • can be downloaded for free
  • a great choice for AI and ML applications.


Kotlin entered the market some 10 years ago. It is known as the language of Android and is a tool for front-end developers. In 2017, Google made a choice in favor of Kotlin for Android app development.

However, things changed back then. Nowadays, Kotlin has the potential to be a true full-stack solution for use on the server, in the web browser, and on mobile.

If you compare it with Java, several features are clearly in favor of Kotlin. Although Java has earned a reputation as a reliable tool, Kotlin has many more features that Java lacks. This makes Kotlin a great candidate to replace Java in the market. Besides, it can generate codes to run on JVM (Java Virtual Machines).

Another reason why Kotlin surpassed Java is that it is super easy to learn. Its syntax and design are easy to comprehend. Yet, it is powerful when put into action.

Kotlin has extension functions that allow adding functionality to existing classes without a full rewrite to Kotlin. In essence, you get the advantage of Kotlin’s features while also applying all the skills you’ve gained so far.

Why should I learn Kotlin?

  • easy to comprehend and apply
  • has extension functions
  • can generate codes to run on Java Virtual Machines
  • can work naturally with Java as it is able to interoperate with Java Codes
  • less buggy.


According to, JavaScript’s popularity reaches 67.8%. Compare that with Python which is 41.7%. This figure only should give you a reason to learn JavaScript. But not only that.

JavaScript is, without question, the queen of the internet. It is commonly used in web browsers for rendering content. Almost all browsers have built-in support for JavaScript. Most websites have HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.

And it’s not only about the traditional internet. Nowadays, JavaScript is used to power smart appliances, including TV, and IoT devices. It is operable for iOS and Android as well as cross-platform desktop apps.

Why should I learn JavaScript?

  • ideal for newbies
  • easy to learn
  • works well with big data and the cloud
  • can do both user-side and server-side coding.


There can be many reasons for learning Scala. Firstly, it seems to successfully compete with Java. It solves many of Java’s issues. Scala runs on the Java Virtual Machine and is interoperable with Java code. For the differences and similarities between Scala and Java read this article.

Secondly, it’s a multi-paradigm language. It supports both object-oriented programming (OOP) and functional programming (FP). For developers, it’s good to learn at least one language from a different paradigm and Scala gives an opportunity to learn both.

In short, you need to learn Scala to be more marketable. Today, a lot of companies like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Quora are shifting to Scala.

What should I learn Scala?

  • marketable
  • resolves Java issues and runs on Java Virtual Machine
  • a multi-paradigm language.


Go deserves its place in the list of the top programming languages to learn in 2022. It is an all-purpose modern language that stands out when we talk about machine learning, graphics, and mobile applications. More and more people are starting to learn GoLang.

One of the basic features of Go is that it is a compilation language that can be compiled to machine code ensuring higher performance than the interpreted languages.

Go supports concurrency since it’s born and has built-in runtime with GC support.

Why should I learn Go?

  • is easy to learn
  • has many easy-to-use built-in tools
  • has a smart standard library.

Where to Start After All?

It all depends on your preferences. Do you prefer front-end vs. back-end web development? Do you want to become a database administrator? Or, do you want to start building mobile apps? If you are clear on your goals, the market offers an abundance of opportunities, including free resources for programming languages to learn.

E.g., if you want to become a database administrator, you need to learn Python, SQL, C#, R, PHP. For the front-end development, you need to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. For the back-end development, the must-to-know programming languages are Python and JavaScript. For mobile app development, you need to learn JavaScript, Swift, Kotlin, and Java.

My experience shows that it is better to start with Python. It is always recommended by experienced programmers as an easy and even fun language to learn. It is simple to understand for someone who’s new to programming.

JavaScript should be the second on your list. Today a lot of companies like Twitter, Gmail, Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram rely on JavaScript. It is also recommended if you want to try front-end development.

Whatever you choose, you need to be prepared for challenges. As Collier — a Javascript enthusiast — asserts, “Learning programming is hard, and that’s why I like it.”


This is the era of Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning — the era of digitalization of data. The market is flooded with all kinds of applications. Being a programmer will give you an advantage in a market where app development is in high demand.

You can choose among plenty of programming languages to learn, but it is better to focus on just three and master them in full rather than know multiple languages superficially.

One thing is certain in a world where there is so much uncertainty. Web developers have plenty of job options these days and you can be one of them.




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