The Benefits of Node.js for Your Business in 2021

6 min readAug 31, 2021

Businesses know little or nothing about web applications. They just have those great ideas in mind and come with them to developers. It is the developer who must make the right choice about the web application tools. Sooner or later, they will surely come across Node.js as a perfect choice for both a client-end and server-end platform.

Let’s have a look at the topics we will cover in this article:

· What is Node.js used for?

· Is it worth learning Node.js in 2021?

· Is Node.js in demand in 2021?

· Which companies use Node.js?

· Why is Node.js great for startups?

Let’s get started.

What is Node.js Used For?

There are a number of cases when developers prefer using Node.js. It is proven useful when you need to run JavaScript both on the client and the server-side. Here are some of the cases developed with this tool.

Chat applications

Due to its asynchronous, event-driven nature, Node.js is used to handle real-time applications, also known as RTAs. Developers use Socket.IO and Node.js engine for easy chat app development. And you don’t need to go into a technical routine. With Socket.IO, developers build group-chat applications in less than 30 lines of code.

Streaming applications

Node.js suits best for live streaming because it provides the data in chunks and plays a video of big size in a much efficient way. What does this mean for the client? It means that the video is not downloaded in full. The client downloads a few seconds of the video at first and then downloads in chunks while the previously downloaded video plays.

Browser games

The nice thing about Node.js is that it can be used in combination with HTML5 and Socket.IO. These are used to create games directly in the browser without the need to install a third-party plug-in. Developers can also share codes between the client and the server.

Is it worth learning Node.js in 2021?

The short answer is “yes” if you want to pay your bills. Node.js is gaining in popularity. Just to mention that companies like PayPal and Uber switched to Node.js.

What will your reasons be to learn this programming language? First, you can work with social media apps, develop streaming apps and games with Node.js. It is pretty easy to learn and apply.

Another big reason to learn Node.js is that you can act as a full-stack developer without having to learn additional languages. Businesses like the idea of hiring few developers. There is no need to hire separate back-end and front-end specialists. So, all you need is to master this programming language to get hired easier than if you knew only Php, Java, or Ruby on Rails.

Is Node.js in Demand in 2021?

Since it’s so great learning Node.js, is it in demand in 2021? After all, the point is to get hired by businesses. Let’s look at some statistics.

The 2020 data shows that more than half of developers use Node.js in their projects.

The number of websites built with Node.js in the USA only is 28000.

Big names like Paypal, LinkedIn, Uber, Yahoo, Medium, GoDaddy, Groupon, Walmart built their applications with Node.js.

Over half of respondents at StackOverflow’s 2020 developer survey said they used it in their project.

The popularity of Node.js is not only due to its full-stack nature, but also thanks to being open-source. As such it is incredibly popular for both web and mobile application development.

Which Companies Use Node.js?

If I name the companies that use Node.js, you will have a clear understanding of how efficient in performance this programming language is. Here is a list:

· Netflix,


· Trello,

· PayPal,

· LinkedIn,

· Walmart,

· Uber,

· Twitter,

· Yahoo,

· eBay,

· GoDaddy.

The names are quite popular and it should make you a believer in Node.js. Node.js apps power businesses with high speed & performance.

No wonder developers love building apps with this programming platform.

Here is one of them — Addevice — that has successfully completed a number of projects with Node.js. The company is based in Eastern Europe and prides itself on high quality plus reasonable prices.

Why is Node.js great for startups?

Lastly, let’s elaborate on why Node.js is great for startups. Here are a few reasons.

Easy to learn

Programmers can learn this language on their own using interactive courses, tutorials on GitHub. If you know JavaScript and Object-Oriented Programming basics, that’s enough to master this language. The ease of Node.js is in its coding which is relatively easy to grasp.

Easy Application Development

There are two basic reasons why applications are easy to develop with Node.js.

1. You can write for the web and mobile applications;

2. There is no necessity to switch between the back-end and front-end.

No wonder startups love this platform because it requires fewer files and less code and consequently less hired personnel.

Fast Application Development

One of the benefits of Node.js is the fast application development. Everything is in one place. This factor is crucial for startups. They need to test, deploy and deliver as quickly as possible. This is particularly due to the lightweight nature of this platform which can reduce the application development time. Meanwhile, the functionality of the app is not compromised.


One of the benefits startups look for when choosing a programming platform is scalability. All businesses look for scaling at a certain point in their business and Node.js provides this opportunity. This concerns not only small startups but big companies like LinkedIn. Thanks to Node.js, these companies handle a heavy workload.

Lightweight apps

Thanks to its fast server and fewer files, the apps developed by Node.js are lighter. It’s also easy to manage such applications. The same code can be used to lessen the congestion on its server. Because Node.js allows handling multiple requests at a time, there is no better alternative for startups than to use Node.js.

Talking about money

When talking about money, it’s worth noting that Node.js is also cost-effective. Since this platform can be used on both the front-end and back-end, startups gain a lot of time and save on costs because they recruit fewer developers. Therefore, this platform is a good fit for small startups that are limited on time and money.

MVP development

Since this platform is efficient when it comes to time and money, it is increasingly used in MVP development. It is a quick way of validating the marketability of the product idea. Node.js enables developers to quickly develop an MVP and test the product in the market. Due to its easy scalability, the developed prototype can later be easily scaled up for bigger business output.

Benefits of community

Node.js is popular for its community of developers. This is another reason why developers love this platform. It’s always easier to fix an issue with peer advice than turning to the help function.

A node package manager is Node’s package ecosystem. It is considered to be the most efficient software registry in the world. Here you can find libraries and templates that you can reuse. Just this opportunity can attract you to this easy-to-use and high-performance platform.


So, what are you thinking now? If you are a developer, your first task should be to learn this platform if you’d like good money on your bank card. If you are a business, consider incorporating this platform into your application development. With the help of an experienced Node.js development company, it’s possible to make the most ambitious projects a practical solution.




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