Main reasons for mobile application outsourcing

3 min readOct 22, 2020

According to data by Deloitte, the promised cost-saving is the main reason why companies outsource app development today. Below you can see the main reasons why you should consider outsourcing development today.

1. Cost efficiency — This is the first and foremost reason why companies outsource app development today. Hiring a programmer to make an app is always cheaper than creating your own app development team. Whether you are working with a mobile software development company or freelance mobile app developers, the cost of mobile app development services will always be lower.

2. Better business focus — Mobile application outsourcing is a complex process that requires a lot of dedication and time. Working with mobile app development agencies, you automatically delegate a lot of work that would have otherwise required your personal management and control.

3. Top experts in the field — Some projects might require the involvement of rate talents, like AI or AR developers. In cases when you outsource mobile app development, you won’t have any problems with finding and hiring experts in a specific field. Mobile app development outsourcing doesn’t limit you to a specific location or time zone. You can find a professional from across the globe to work on your project.

4. Broad skillset — The best outsourcing companies have a multi-level team structure with different specialists. Usually, a development team consists of a Project Manager, Business Analysts, Software Engineers, Quality Assurance Engineers, etc. Cooperation with such an application development team will speed up the development process significantly, as everyone is responsible for a specific part of app development.

5. Quicker development process — When you outsource mobile app development to a professional vendor, your partner carefully estimates project and timeline and then uses this information to allocate the required number of resources to stick to the set deadlines. As a result, you can move from an idea to a ready product much faster.

6. Flexibility — One of the main principles of successful mobile application outsourcing is to work with a company that uses one of the flexible software development methodologies, like Scrum, Kanban, etc. Such approaches to software development require the division of the process into small parts, so-called sprints. The result of each sprint is a fully working new feature or part of a digital solution.

7. Scalability — Once you decide to speed up the development process or develop some complex and unique functionality, you will need to increase the number of team members. If you choose an in-house team, you need to take care of the hiring process yourself. Mobile application outsourcing allows for a higher level of flexibility. Companies with a lot of experience can easily scale up your team from 5 to 15 developers without a problem.

8. All-sided business support — Mobile app development companies usually provide a range of different services, including marketing, market research, business analysis, etc. Thus, they ensure all-sided business support and undertake all the possible efforts to ensure that your project will have the highest chance for success after launch.

9. Security — Outsourcing development has another significant advantage over the in-house development team. Professional companies have protocols ensuring that your new application will work within local legislation and data protection rules. Development companies use GitLab for secure source code storing, Confluence and Google Driver for project documentation.

To sum up everything said above, take a look at the below table covering the main differences in working with freelancers, an in-house development team and a software development agency.

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