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How to Outsource App Development & Not to Lose Money [2022]

How to Outsource App Development

In the modern world where it’s necessary to adapt to rapid changes, many companies decide to outsource key business processes. In 2018, the global market for outsourcing was estimated at $85.6 billion with the perspective of stable future growth.

A large part of generated revenue goes to IT outsourcing. Many companies decide to outsource app development to strengthen their digital presence. In fact, information technology outsourcing generated $66.5 billion in 2019 as compared to business processes outsourcing, which brought only $26 billion.

There are a lot of reasons why businesses choose to outsource mobile app development instead of building their own development teams. Research indicates that reduced costs are among the main reasons for outsourcing in mobile app development. Staffing company OnContracting estimates that businesses can save an average of $100,000 every year by simply deciding to outsource app development.

With the opportunities of the modern world, it’s not necessary to create your own mobile app development team. Many small to large businesses outsource mobile app development to avoid hiring problems and enjoy a seamless development process.

let’s take a look at the main steps comprising the road to successful app creation.

Step 1: Decide on the project type

When trying to decide how to outsource app development, the first thing you need to understand is the type of project you are going to develop. As regarding app development, you can create a small, medium or a large application for one or a few operating systems.

By the time you start looking for app dev companies, you should already know which application you are going to create — a healthcare app, dating app or an eCommerce application. Then, move on to calculate the budget you can afford to spend and create an initial list of requirements.

Step 2: Choose between platforms

Depending on your budget, you can outsource mobile app development for a single app version creation or for the development of an app for both iOS and Android. Making the right choice would be impossible without knowing your target audience and how it is distributed between platforms.

Step 3: Devise project requirements

At this point, you should already know which platform you will target. Move on to work on the features list for your future applications. Aside from some standard features like sign-in, user account, etc., work on coming up with unique features that will set your application aside.

Step 4: Find an outsourcing development company

Knowing which features you are going to implement, it’s possible to identify the best companies to work with.

Start the research of companies with such platforms like the Manifest, Clutch, GoodFirms, etc. Pay close attention to the top ten app development companies list and don’t forget to check out other vendors. Use a complex approach and analyze a number of factors. After analysis, you need to have a list with such specifications as the number of years, relevant experience and portfolio, customer reviews, hourly rate, etc. Based on this list, select a few vendors for future screening interviews, during which you need to assess the level of English and communication, how they approach the development process, and how they overcome cultural differences.

Step 5: Organize project management

The communication process plays a huge role in successful app development. Make sure to organize communication and project management before developers start their work. You can use different software solutions that will help you communicate with your team, track all tasks, exchange files and ideas, etc. In professional companies, the Project Manager is responsible for communication with clients and the organization of all processes inside a development team.

Step 6: Enjoy the benefits of mobile application outsourcing

After you have learned how to outsource app development and make the process successful, you can enjoy the benefits of working with highly experienced developers. You can concentrate attention on other business tasks and only spend a little time overseeing the processes inside your application development team.

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