How to Create Home Cleaning Service App?

6 min readFeb 16, 2022
How to Create Home Cleaning Service App?

This is the age of mobile apps and home cleaning service apps are not an exception. Why? Because life has changed. People have changed. A lot of busy housewives and offices want to hire professionals to do cleaning for them. And here a house cleaning app comes into play. How to create a home cleaning service app just like Addevice did a few years ago?

Varpet app includes not only cleaning services but brings together a range of plumbing, construction and repair, gardening, computer repair, and more services on one platform. Created a few years ago, the app is the favorite of both the service providers and users in Armenia.

How to create a home cleaning service app that will prove its usefulness both to the providers and users just like Addevice did? In this blogpost, we are going to talk exactly about that.

Why Go for an On-demand Home Cleaning Service App?

Why go for an on-demand app, in general? On-demand apps are on the rise in the market and one reason is that they are so easy to use. Consumers don’t want to go through trouble anymore and on-demand apps save both time and hassle.

Given this, home cleaning apps are best to be made on-demand. Consumers are able to access a large pool of services on the spot which drives a better customer experience. It’s just faster and easier.

To understand how to build one of such apps, let’s see what their features are. You will then understand what to focus on.

Home Cleaning Business App Development: Features

Home cleaning business apps consist of three panels:

  • Admin panel
  • House cleaner panel
  • Service seeker panel.

Below are the features for each panel.

Admin panel

  • Manage and customize the services: this feature can be labeled “service” and it allows to manage and customize the services as well as configure service availability in the area.
  • Handle requests: the admin accepts or rejects cleaning requests and assigns them to the staff.
  • Set prices: in the section, the admin sets the prices for specific services.
  • Secure in-app payments: intelligent job allotment system to reduce waiting time.
  • Cleaner profile management: this section is to monitor cleaner profiles and make changes.
  • Billing and payment: manages invoicing and track payments
  • Reporting and analytics tools: gets details about business performance.
  • 24/7 customer service: helps customers with their queries.

House cleaner panel

  • Sign up/sign in: registers using email or other contact info.
  • Profile: shows expertise with reviews and ratings.
  • Manage requests: this section is for getting notifications about requests.
  • Navigation: locates customer addresses using a map.
  • Contact customer: communicates directly with the customer over the phone or inbuilt chat to share updates
  • Track earnings: tracks earnings on a monthly or annual basis.
  • Transfer payments: transfers payments from app wallets to a registered bank account.
  • Contact customer support: seeks resolutions to queries with the help of customer support.

Service seeker panel

  • Register/login: customers register to the app using an email/contact number or social media profile and sign in.
  • Service Selection: in this section, customers can search for services and pick the ones they want to book.
  • Make Bookings: customers choose the best quote to make the booking.
  • Schedule service: sets the date and time of their preference.
  • Payments: pays for the service.
  • Cancel service booking: customers can cancel the service if they choose to.
  • Rate and review: this section is for rating and reviewing the cleaners’ work.
  • Support: customers can contact customer service for support.

Benefits of On-demand House Cleaning Apps

On-demand house cleaning apps provide benefits both for the customers and service providers. Here are some.

Benefits for customers

Easy access to services

It’s exceptionally easy for users to access data on cleaning service mobile applications, including services offered, prices, schedule, availability, etc. All services are at a single tick when they need them. Easy access makes it possible for the customers to use and operate the mobile app.

Ability to rate and read ratings

Customers get an insight into the quality of the service they are going to get beforehand. The app allows them to read reviews and ratings of the cleaners they are going to hire. This is an extremely powerful tool for the quality of service. Most often, these ratings provide a 100% accurate estimate of the job to be done.

Ability to compare different agencies

Customers get the ability to compare different cleaning agencies and choose the most optimal cleaning service depending on the price, location, etc. They have the convenience of studying the necessary information about the company.

Benefits for service providers

Builds customer loyalty

Statistics shows that once a customer is satisfied with the service, they are more likely to choose the same service next time. Besides, loyal customers get coupons that are an additional incentive to use the same cleaning agency services.

Builds brand esteem

The mobile app is an opportunity for the business to build an image of the brand. It’s like a bulletin where businesses present their benefits to the clients. With an engaging and educational interface, they can attract customers and increase their customer base.

Allows competing in the market

Mobile apps compete in the market and naturally, those with better service and reasonable prices win the competition. Research of the competitive environment allows to offer better options and stand out even in the midst of the high-rated competitors. For example, businesses can inform customers about different offers and promotions. It’s super easy to do that with a mobile app.

Increases customer base

With a proper marketing strategy, businesses can have sales growth and find cleaning clients in basically 1–2 months upon the launch of their business. If the business offers high-quality functionality, chances for sales growth are high as the cleaning service is in high market demand.

Cost of Developing a Cleaning Service App

To know the cost of developing a cleaning service app, including MVP development, you need to know the number of hours spent on the development and the hourly rate of the software company. Normally, a cleaning service app may be developed in 1300–1600 hours. Here is the breakdown according to app type.

Now that you know the total of hours spent, you need to have an estimate of the hourly rate. The location of the software engineering group is a determining factor for the rates charged. Normally, developers charge less in Eastern Europe and India. The rates per hour in the USA, Canada, and Western Europe are higher.

Does this mean you will compensate on quality when hiring a team in India or Eastern Europe? Recent experience with software development shows that it is not always true. Some of the companies in Eastern Europe and India have an extensive portfolio of past work and contacting their clients for feedback can be a way of getting information about the company.

You can also find proficient companies at rating agencies Goodfirms. For more info, read “IT Outsourcing: How to Choose the Right Partner”.

We linked you to Addevice as this Armenian company has a proven record of developing home cleaning service apps, including Varpet — a local cleaning service app like home cleaning Uber that has been in the market for many years.


Home cleaning service apps are in high demand anywhere in the world. And if you are someone who thinks of developing one, you are on the right path. The app development may not cost you more than $20,000 but you will reap benefits that will outweigh the expenses many times. This is due to the benefits that these apps bring for the service providers and customers. Customers can get their things done in a timely and efficient manner spending less time on locating the right agency and cleaner while the service providers manage the requests easily with just one click. With sufficient features, the apps become a tool for transparent deals that benefit both the customers and the service providers.

Technology is here to assist you in your business. And as you see, it won’t cost you a fortune. If you decide to develop an app like Varpet, we are here to assist you at Addevice.




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