Business models for a pharmacy delivery app

  • 1st Business Model
  • 2nd Business Model

Monetization strategies for a medicine delivery app

  • Fees — if you allow third-party vendors to sell products on your platform, you can make money by taking some fee for each product sold or for revenue.
  • Subscriptions — this is another monetization strategy that can bring significant revenue. Customers who pay for subscriptions can be offered free delivery or discount on medicine.
  • Advertisements — another popular approach that can turn an online pharmacy delivery into a strong revenue stream is to place ads inside your application. You can promote medicine, other pharmacies or products offered by third-party medical vendors.
  • Built-in promotion features — this strategy is suitable for medicine delivery apps that act as marketplaces for third-party vendors. You can allow them to promote their own businesses inside your application and get money for placing their companies in the recommended section, for showing medicine at the first position in search results, etc.



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