Apps for video meetings: Zoom review — cons & pros

We’ve prepared a series of articles related to video meeting apps which are so demanded and trendy now worldwide.

Lots of businesses already switched to remote work, and it’s very challenging for entrepreneurs and co-workers to maintain current work processes, power up productivity, keep all of the projects running smoothly and improve the workflow. Meetings are moving online and it’s no secret that online co-working is a must.

Collaborative mobile apps and platforms came to rescue in this complicated situation. Due to COVID-19, many folks around the world and students are using collaborative mobile apps for online classes and sessions.

Review of Zoom mobile app: cons and pros

Before the epidemic, Zoom was one of the most popular video conferencing services. But it was mainly used by the business.

Because of the lock-down in various countries, Zoom joined even more and more companies, universities, schools and even government institutions that switched to remote work. And after them millions of people, specially freelancers joined the platform who are now studying or just chatting with friends from home.

Zoom is easy to use and very intuitive for scheduling meetings, it has a clean and simple interface, and the easy-to-use user experience engaged even school children. It offers meetings and chats with HD video, audio, Conference Rooms and Workspaces to run video meetings, also enterprise cloud phone system, video webinars. Zoom allows to host up to 100 participants for free.

The basic plan has a 40 minutes time limit on meetings with three or more total participants.

It allows to record your meetings locally or to the cloud, with searchable transcripts. It’s no secret that Zoom has security issues: for example “Zoombombing”, which is a new type of online harassment in which hate speech, pornography or other inappropriate content is suddenly flashed by disrupting a video call on Zoom.

Researchers at Morphisec Labs have identified a Zoom app bug that could enable to record Zoom sessions and capture chat text without any of the meeting participants’ knowledge. These issues caused a big scandal around this app and Zoom had to acquire security company, aims for end-to-end encryption.

Rating in App Store: 4.5, Google Play: 3.9. Zoom has 4 plans: Basic (free), Pro ($14.99/mo), Business ($19.99/mo), Enterprise ($19.99/mo) which are priced based on the included features and the total number of hosts.


  • affordable cost
  • unlimited one-on-one meetings
  • ability to share slides and content
  • virtual backgrounds
  • recording meeting to the cloud


  • poor security
  • strong internet capability is a must
  • time limits

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