Apps for video meetings: Messenger Rooms — rating, cons & pros

Apps for video meetings

Recently, Facebook has announced a new service for online communication — Messenger Rooms. It is designed for video conferencing, which has become especially popular in the period of freelancing, working from home, isolation and lock-down.

This is Facebook’s response to Zoom and other video meeting mobile apps which have moved forward while Facebook was being busy with other tasks. Messenger Rooms can host video chats with up to 50 people. To connect, it will be enough just to follow the link of the conference creator. Facebook account is not required for joining the meetup.

There are no time limits for online meetups and they can be created both through Facebook and Messenger. You can also share the room in your Facebook News Feed, Groups and Events as well. Users will be able to apply “masks” and use various effects during calls. Also, you can keep your room open for connecting at least all day, expecting someone to join.

Room calls are not end-to-end encrypted, but Facebook says it does not view or listen to calls. This one is good for hanging out with friends and family, but not for co-working or learning. You can’t record, save or download your calls.

Rating in App Store: 4.3, Google Play: 4.2


  • AR abilities
  • no time limits


  • low amount of members
  • poor functionality
  • Facebook data privacy is unreliable

Our rating: 9/10 stars.

This article originally published in the Best video meeting apps 2020 review. Follow the link if you want to learn more about top mobile applications for video meetings and online conferences.



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