Apps for video meetings: Live board review — feedback, cons & pros

2 min readJun 8, 2020

We’ve selected top mobile apps for video meetings and online conferences

Real-time drawing and whiteboard sharing

This application aimed to make the teaching process easier, and our staff consider this is one of the best solutions among applications for educational institutions.

LiveBoard is a multi-platform collaborative whiteboard application which will help visualize your ideas during online co-working process. Over 100.000 teachers, professors, tutors, instructors and other educators already use it.

LiveBoard helps online tutors and other educators worldwide
LiveBoard helps online tutors and other educators worldwide create, record and share their lessons from anywhere and anytime.

The app gives a opportunity to record your live session, review it later and share on social networking sites. You’re able to save your past classes on the cloud for easy access from anywhere. It has searchable archive: gives access past session recordings in an easy to search archive.

LiveBoard remembers all the changes made, it is possible to go back and forth to find the necessary change.

The application has one more advantage: it provides a Palm Rejection function for free. This means that it is possible to rest your hand on the tablet while working and take the necessary picture without leaving unwanted “traces”.

Rating in App Store: 4.8, Google Play: 3.9. Most users are registered from the USA, European countries, especially from Spain, France, Germany, as well as from India. LiveBoard is free to download, but has in-app purchases, it gives one-week free trial, also offers 4 plans: Classroom ($5/mo), Online Tutoring ($10/mo), Online Tutoring Pro ($30/mo) and School ($99/mo).

Download LiveBoard application from the website


  • real-time drawing and whiteboard sharing
  • creations sharing via social media
  • unlimited board space
  • unlimited Groups
  • cloud storage


  • doesn’t support copy-paste functionality
  • app sometimes crashes when the board opened

Our rating: 9/10 stars.

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