Apps for video meetings: Google Meet review — cons & pros

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Co-working apps give remote teams, students and teachers the ability to be more productive and to achieve goals faster, increase problem-solving capabilities, and simplify the workflow and workplace experience.

Apps for video meetings

Conferencing and collaborative mobile apps allow companies and classrooms to have audio and video interactions with a range of features like desktop sharing, whiteboards, webinars, chats and more.

Review of Google Meet mobile app: cons and pros

The Hangouts Meet service is now called Google Meet. Any user with a Google account can create a video meeting on Google Meet. This is one of the most popular VoIP mobile apps in the world.

Google Meet will be available for free to G Suite users until September 30, 2020

The app has no anonymous access. Advanced features for video conferencing in Google Meet, such as the ability to gather a large number of participants (up to 250), as well as to conduct live broadcast and recording, will be available for free to G Suite users until September 30, 2020.

Google Meet supports chats, group chats, audio calls, video calls, video conferencing, file sharing. It has the ability to record meetings and save them to Google Drive. This app is light, responsive and loads fast. It’s a really good solution for small teams .

Google Meet’s Enterprise plan users can record meetings. Recordings are automatically saved to the host’s Google Drive and in the Google Calendar event. After the meeting, the host receives a link to the recording via an email, which they can share with others. Meet doesn’t include some of the valuable features that other services offer like whiteboard tools and poll-and-survey options.

Google Meet Rating in App Store: 1.6 ★
Google Meet App Rating in Google Play: 3.8 ★

To support you during this crisis, Google has opened free access to advanced opportunities for video conferencing in the Google Meet service to all G Suite and G Suite for Education customers.


  • using free of charge
  • opportunity of large number of participants
  • synchronization with other Google products


  • sound quality and sound features aren’t the best
  • some capabilities are available only to G Suite customers
  • poor functionality

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