19 Best Google Play Store & App Store Alternatives for Android & iOS 2023

5 min readNov 2, 2022


When you want to download an app, you go to Google Play Store or App Store. Do you know there are other alternatives to these app stores? The article will present you with tons of them to download an app. And if you like the article, click on Addevice’s website to see how we can help you with app development!

Here are 19 alternatives to Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS 2023.

1. APKPure

2. 9Apps

3. Amazon Appstore

4. Aptoide

5. F-droid

6. Aurora Store

7. Samsung Galaxy Store

8. GetApps

9. APKMirror

10. Huawei App Gallery

11. Apple App Store

12. GetJar

13. SlideME

14. Uptodown

15. One Store

16. Xiaomi GetApps

17. Vivo App Store

18. Softonic

19 . Cafe Bazaar.


If you want to download a locked (unavailable) game, APKPure is the way to go. You can also download pre-registered games and install other apps on Android devices.


9Apps is an app download platform. It is pretty similar to Google Play or the Apple App Store. It’s safe, secure, and fast. The platform is designed primarily for Android users. Today it has a massive database of about 250 million users.

Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore is Amazon store’s official application. It is the package app store for Amazon’s Fire OS operating system, used on all of the Fire tablets. You can download tons of free applications and video games for your Android. Apps are available for purchase too. Amazon Appstore is rivaling Google Play. It is a good complement to Android’s Google Play default.


Aptoide is the third-largest app store. It is an open-source platform and has over 1 million applications. By saying open-source it means anyone can publish an app on the platform. This may cause malware but Aptoide has taken protective measures against malware. For example, it has a green badge which is added to trusted apps. So, if you download an app with a green badge, you should be safe.


F-droid does not have a huge selection, but those available are pretty good. It is an alternative to Google Play. Unlike Google Play, you don’t need a user account to download applications. It is possible to get the source code. In this way, you can reprogram it yourself if you want to.

Aurora Store

Like with F-droid, you don’t need a google play account to download an app on Aurora Store. Since it offers fewer restrictions, it is a good alternative to Google Play and App Store. It can be installed alongside the default app store.

Samsung Galaxy Store

This comes with Samsung devices. It is usually located in the Samsung folder on the Apps screen. While you don’t need a google account to use this app store, you will need to have a Samsung user account to use this app. It’s better to use Galaxy Store to update pre-installed Samsung apps. For other apps, you can your Play Store.


The developer of the market is Xiaomi. So, the owners of Xiaomi mobile devices are likely to download apps from the GetApps catalog to their gadgets. It has a built-in antivirus program that protects the device from malware.


One can say that APKMirror is safe. The reason to say that is that the cryptographic signatures of each APK are manually checked to ensure the APK file has not been altered in any way. It is an unofficial app from the application download website APKMirror. If an app is still rolling out and may not be available to you, APKMirror is the right place to download it. It is also good for apps that are not available in your country due to geographic restrictions.

Huawei App Gallery

Huawei App Gallery is for users of Huawei phones. Huawei has been doing without the Google Play Store for a few years now. So, Huawei phone users are using Huawei’s App Gallery to download apps.

Apple App Store

The Apple App Store is a place where you can shop for Apple products. You can also download apps and games on your iOS device. Currently, it has more than one million apps and games available.


GetJar has 10 million plus unique users. However, the app is not considered very safe due to hackers.


SlideME has a better reputation when it comes to safety and junk-free applications. It stands out for the quality of apps offered without fakes that you would like to get to your smartphone.


With Uptodown App Store APK you can download apps in APK format. This is the fastest APK downloader with auto-update options. Once again, if an app is not available in the official app store, you can find it here. While it is quite a possibility that some files may contain malware or viruses, it is a rather safe store since only the developer can publish their app on Uptodown.

One Store

One store is a Korean app market. Users can download apps that are limited in Korea only. It can be used on Android phones and tablets in Korea. It provides games, apps, mobile commerce, e-books, and video content to 35 million members.

Xiaomi GetApps

Xiaomi GetApps is an official app store that supports Xiaomi devices. It is designed for developers in China, India, Indonesia, Russia, and Spain. The problem with GetApps is that it keeps bugging users with annoying alerts. So, some users what to uninstall it from their devices which is quite possible.

Vivo App Store

Vivo App Store comes preinstalled on Vivo smartphones. It is an analog of Play Market. But it doesn’t come with all Vivo smartphones. If this is the case, users can download separately in the official Play Market or find the software on the Internet and install it on a PC or directly on the phone.


Softonic is a convenient way to download apps and programs. Instead of visiting different websites, users download apps on a single platform. For example, users may want to create documents, edit images, or design graphics. In this respect, Softonic saves users a lot of time.

Cafe Bazaar

This is the most popular Android AppStore for Persian speakers. It is available in Iran. Iranian users can download thousands of free and paid Android apps.




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